Istikhara Dua for divorce and Talaq

Powerful Istikhara for Talaq

Are you facing complications in your marriage and now your marriage becomes a source of pain for you? After spending lot of time together, suddenly you find something is missing. The nature of your husband or a wife is changing and the behavior is unusual. Your husband has gone away from you, and now he becomes a drunker. If you are a wife then now it makes you lose your control over your husband.

Now, if you don’t want to live your life with your pasrtner hen, with the help of an Istikhara Dua for Divorce you can easily get divorce. You don’t want to take this relationship too longer to make you are children more suffered with an unhealthy marriage. Since Istikhara Dua for Divorce is very powerful dua and you will get quick results within a few minutes. So, you have to carefully implement this Istikhara.

To perform Istikhara Dua for Divorce person must be pure along with his/her heart and minds.
2 rakats of prayers are mandatory to perform before going to bed.
In first rakat recite Surah Al- Kafirun after Suraah Fatihaa.
In second rakat recite Surah Al- Ikhilaas after Suraah Fatihaa.
Perform Istikhara Dua for Divorce in Arabic.
Person must think his/her partner twice while performing Haadha al hamra.
Go to your bed for sleep Inshallaah, the Almighty Allah will give you some good sign regarding divorce in your dream with your husband or wife.

istikhara for divorce

It is very tough for a women to come up to a conclusion that changes her entire life and decision to leave Husband. This is very toughest to live with your partner while having fighting. Many of people who got bonded with pious responsibility of marriage and then they couldn’t understand true meaning of marriage. So, if your husband are among them who are carefree with their marital responsibilities, falling in bad relationship with other women, have disputes with you.

Then, it is advisable to you to do a divorce which is the last option to end all controversies with your husband. If you find your match with your husband is incompatible or you want marry with some other guy. Then there is no secondary option for you other than implementing Istikhara to leave husband. Istikhara to leave husband are associated with all divine powers which make your husband totally expelled from your life like you are strangers. So, implement Istikhara to leave husband and feel magic. You can also contact us our Molvi or Istikhara specialist Online for asking your queries and getting consultation.

Istikhara for Talaq

Most people feared the word “talaq” because divorce not only can make your life upside down as well as upside but it affects life of your children’s and your close ones. Anyways you have promised to your partner after getting tied in bond of marriage that you always support each other in every good or bad times. But if you feel in order to make things better you compromise more, still things are going out of control then only option left is divorce to get rid from bad marriage. Most of us still feel shy about divorce after their bad marriage, what society thinks what other think.

You don’t want to be fear anymore, if you have Istikhara for Talaq along with you. Istikhara for Talaq is predominantly built for those victims who are getting oppressed and felt suffocated in their marriage due to disturbances arising in their married life and willingly want to take divorce with their partner.

Dua To Get Married To A Specific Person

Most Powerful Dua for Marry a Man of Your Choice

Do you love someone deeply? But that specific person doesn’t know about your love. He or she is going to marrying with someone else. Now if you are feeling incomplete without that specific person then use this islamic dua. Someone said that, love has a divine connection, if we love a person and have the special feelings with us. At that time, some issues arises, if you want to marry specific person then we suggest you to formulate the best dua for marrying specific person. This dua is suitable choice for you. Try our popular astrological services to get rid of the wedding problems permanently.

Our easy dua for marrying specific person services will not make you disappointed. If you will recite this dua, you will start getting good results as soon as possible.

Here is the complete procedure of this, how to recite this powerful dua:-

Recite; “Surah Al_Kafirun” 73 times
Your heart must be pure while performing this dua for marrying specific person.
Before going to bed try to read 99 times “Sura fatihaa”.
After that straight go to bed for sleep facing your body/head towards “Qiblah”
Dua for Marrying the Right person
Love comes up with a fantastic sensation. It is set as an example for its beauty and sweetness among the peoples of all over the world. Once in a lifetime, when you meet with a right person, your heart and mind gives you a positive sensation. Both say that this person is only made for you. You are start loving that person but many times you won’t be able to do marry with that specific person.

Due to the shy nature or society problems. Sometime you hesitate to propose your love and tell feelings to marrying with him/her. In these kind of love marriage cases society is also create so much issues. Dua for marrying the right person acts as silver lining in dark clouds. It help to generate the feelings of love in his/her heart also. In Islam Dua for marrying the right person is a legal weapon to get support of women or man for choice marriage.

Dua for Marry a Man of Choice

Every girl wants to marry a perfect man of her dream and want to spend her life with him. Some off then find that man herself, while on the other hand parents find the right person for some girls. If you really want happiness knock on your door. And you will get proposal for marry a man of choice, then this choice marriage dua will remove all obstacles in your dream marry.

You have to read only this dua for marry a man of choice with clear mind. As an outcome you will get an excellent marriage proposals from your lover. All other problems related to marriage get solved out quickly automatically. You can also contact to our molvi sahab for the better as well as perfect results. Our Molvi Ji is a specialist in all kind of duas wazifas related to marriage. You will get complete satisfaction with their Islam dua and wazifa services.

Dua for Marry a Man of Choice is as following:

Bismillaah Hiirr Rahman NiirRa heem

Qullhu Walla Huu Aahad

Allah Hussa madd

Lam Yalid Wallaam Yulaad

Waa Laam Yakkullahuu Kufuwaan Ahhaad

Before going to bed, recite Surah Ikhilaas for forty one times given above.
Perform “Durood-e Pak” for eleven times.
Now pray to Allah for marriage specific man of choice.
In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will listen to you and give that specific person to you.
After that, you both will live happily with each other and do the Halal things in your life.

Surah To Make Someone Love You

Best Surah to make someone love you

dua to win someone heart

Sometimes, when you fall in love with those person whom you don’t know, you don’t know anything to him/her. You don’t know the caste of that someone whom you fall in love but you love that someone truly. At that time, you want that someone also love you but sometimes, this thing not gonna work for you. First of all, you’ve to introduce yourself in front of him/her and then you’ve to win his/her heart.

Falling in love with someone is not under control of any human; this won’t be calm until and unless that person won’t loves you. If you love someone but that someone doesn’t love you then you don’t have to force someone to love you. It is the call of heart and completely on your destiny whether that person would love you or not.

If your love is one sided, that person don’t even knows you or may be your good friend but not in love with you. Then you can make him/her fallen in love with you through one of the simple and holy supplication dua for someone to fall in love with you. This is one of the best and natural way through which you can make any human being fallen in love with you. If this dua for someone to fall in love with you is implemented then you won’t be forcing someone but it will trigger love in heart of target person for you.

The Almighty Allah has given us so many beautiful things and love is also one of them (beautiful thing). And the Almighty Allah has also chosen someone for you who deserves you, care for you and also loves you. If you don’t found any lover or someone special in your life then it doesn’t matter that, you will always live in alone.

In case if you had genuine love and relationship problems then you can do get help of the powerful dua offering solutions. These will provide you instant outcome for the problems you are facing related to love and relationship. If you offer this dua with true intentions then for sure holy powers will listen to you and bless you with love in your life. Offering this dua is very simple and if you want to make someone fallen in love with you the follow this dua:

This can be started at any day but before having meal for the day.
You need get ILM Jal in one jar and seven Jasmine flowers into it.
Now close your eyes and recite ‘Dirham Ulhoor Ishtikaar Imtejaan Insaar Ulham Durrod Defaram’ and now take name of your beloved one for 31 times.
Do this process for continue 27 days and 28th day you need to make sure that person would drink Ilm Jal.
Doing this will create love in heart of that person for you.

someone to fall in love with you

This dua to win someone heart will work for sure if without committing any mistake offered in described manner. In case if dua to win someone heart is not getting you the expected outcome then for sure some mistake will be committed. So before starting for this dua we advise that user should get some expert suggestion and surveillance. Even you can do make contact to us and get this powerful surah to make someone love you.

Surah to make someone love you

We will share you the correct approach in details for implementation of surah to make someone love you. So that you will be getting instant outcome from this approach, once implemented this approach. Then it will be very easy for you to make any human being fallen in love with you. You can easily make any person from your society, office work or surrounding fallen in love with you immediately after implementing this solution.

If you are looking for the surah to make someone love you then don’t worry, we will tell you here. After every salah or Namaz, recite or read the Surah ikhlaas 1 time or 3 times or for 5 times. And then make a dua for that someone whom you want to win the heart to the Almighty Allah SWT. In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you and give what you want and that lover whom you need.
Aameen Summa Aameen!

Wazifa To Break Haram Relationship

Best Dua to Separate two lovers

Dua to Separate two lovers

Are you that father or a mother whose son or a daughter is mad on their lover or beloved one? Your son or a daughter blindly love someone and now, he or she is going to marry with their lover. But that lover is not so good because the of talking is not so good and that is the reason. You want to break them. Every father and mother do well or good to their son as well as daughter.

Sometimes, if your love story left in mid and we are sure that, this makes your life disturbed. You will not happy to see your lover going to someone else and now you want him/her to free from this unlawful relationship. There is holy dua to separate two lovers and with the help of this, you can come over those problems. Even in every religion, offering the supplication is not restricted, it is allowed to offer supplication when you are in trouble or seeking any specific dream to be fulfilled.

People don’t know the correct way to offer the holy solution and keep on blaming that it is not worthy to offer these solutions. If you are in need of this holy dua to separate two lovers then certain things which need to be followed are shared:

“Get name of both the lovers in mind and recite this dua ‘Ulmha Uroom Durood Tislaaem Tulham Tilahama Ulham Islamin Ilhamin Ikhtiyaar Tilliam Tulham Sukrma Sulman Elham Urood Istal Ultam’

This above dua recited 31 times for continuously 50 days then it will allow let you separate two lovers which you want. Fights and troubles disturbs relationship completely and might be possible that your arrange marriage is not proven a good match for you. Then it became unlawful relationship and need to get rid from this.

Dua to separate husband and wife

Have you done the marriage with the wrong one which means your husband/wife is not good to you. Everytime he/she slaps you/beats you and doesn’t give you any respect in alone and in front of others. You can also have other problems with your husband or a wife like he/she has another affairs with someone.

May be you are not happy with your marriage and want to get rid but your partner (husband/wife) didn’t want. Then it will be complicated for you and if you get rid from this, take help from dua to separate husband and wife. If you try this dua to separate husband and wife then it will also terminate all the legal cases which you are fighting for divorce and let it be done in the way you are expecting.

If you are having extra marital affairs in marriage, daily fights in husband fight due to compatibility issues, intervention of any third person who influenced your relationship. And many more causes you think for separation, but if you think that you need separation then you can go ahead with this powerful dua.

Dua to break relationship

Do you want to break any types of relationship which is harming you in all the way of your life? We are here to help you in providing the powerful and effective dua to break relationship. But before you proceed to implement this approach you need to be sure that you want this break.

Because this solution is very powerful and things will never be reversed back. Relationship sometime bonded due to some influence or attraction which later on you came to know. After being in relationship if you find that you opted for incorrect guy/girl and want to get rid from him/her.

Then nothing unethical if you are using dua to break relationship. If you need any sort of help in implementing this holy dua then without giving a second thought in mind you can do contact to us and ask for help. We are here to help you to solve all the problems which you are emerging or facing in your life.

Powerful Dua To Heal A Broken Heart 101% Result

Best Powerful Dua for Broken Heart


Once a individual goes into heart broken situation. Its like the he/she enter into a dark word. Its very tough to come out from these kind of heart situations. Nobody wants to feel the heartbreak, but it is a part of life that you cannot avoid it also. Heart break can be caused for various reasons.

It is not possible to handle it maturely. Everybody will give you the advice to move on and start enjoying life again. But literally, it is not that easy to forget these all so easily. The situation is painful for you, and you have to take yourself out of that situation. Therefore, the fruitful way to get out of the situation is to make dua to cure a broken heart.

Dua to Heal Broken Heart

First, you need to find out the main reason for the heartbreak. It can happen for many reasons like your boyfriend left you, unhappy marriage life, your husband’s bad behaviour etc. You have to be strong enough to manage this situation. Have trust in Allah. He will surely be there for you. Allah’s dua to heal a broken heart is very powerful. If you follow all the rules properly, then dua to cure a broken heart will start giving the result within few days.

broken heart dua

For healing your broken heart, you should go to Allah, and pray to him. Allah is very kind, and the powerful dua is quite effective lines. For getting a better and love life, recite the wazifa and dua from Quran. The powerful dua to heal a broken heart will help you to get back to normal life surely.

No matter what is the reason for your heart-breaking, Allah, you will give you the power to handle all those situations. God is the only power who can make you happy again, so without thinking about any other solution, you should recite dua to ease broken heart that is written in the Quran.

Best Dua for Broken Heart

This heart broken dua is the best powerful procedure to heal heart. Mainly, a heartbreak happens, when your partner ditched you. If that happens then almost all persons goes into heartbreak phase. Because of the heartbreak, sometimes it will have a bad effect on your health also. So, you have to find some dua to heal your broken heart. If the sadness continues for a long time, your health will be badly affected by this.

Dua to recover heart

In this condition, no medicine or doctor can help you. Only Allah can heal your broken heart. So, recite dua for broken heart from the Quran. If you have full trust in Allah then Allah will surely make your heart happy and strong.

Follow this best dua for broken heart and recite is regularly. Keep the ultimate trust on Allah. As Allah is the ultimate power of everything. He can solve your all kind of love and heart issues.

This dua for a broken heart will cure your broken heart and make you feel alive. It is not easy to forget about all the things which are the reasons for your broken heart. Dua or Wazifa can make you happy again.

How to Solve all the Relationship issue by Islamic Dua?

Everyone is not aware of all the dua from the Quran. Allah has the power to solve any kind of situation. But you need to fight with the difficult situations to solve them smartly. If you start reciting dua to heal a broken heart, then it will be better to if you consult a Molvi Ji. He knows all the rules of how to recite a Dua from the Quran. If you do not follow all the rules of this heart dua, then your broken heart will not be cured. So, to know the proper rules and regulations of Dua, then ask it from a Molvi Ji. He will guide you on how to recite the dua properly.

Unless you have understood all the guidelines of dua to ease broken heart. You won’t get relief from your wound. You have to recite the dua as many times as told by the Moulvi Ji. Once you complete the full process, you will get a positive result. After that, you will feel relax and positive vibe in your daily life. So, to get rid of the pain of your broken heart, have trust in the Almighty. He will surely get you out of the difficult situation.

Wazifa For Marriage Soon

Jaldi Rishta Aane ki Powerful Dua


Are you that person who wants to marry as soon as possible and marry with the best boy or girl? But here, you are not getting a good and happy Rishta which is not good for you and your family. If you are facing that type of difficulty to find the good partner, then take help from the strong wazifa. This is the jaldi Rishta aane ka wazifa which helps you to get the good rishta for you.

Jaldi rishta aane ka wazifa is for those boys or girls who are looking for their true partner. We know that there are lots of boys or girls who are getting lots of marriage proposals. But all these marriage proposals are not good and don’t fit for you. You wish for that husband or a wife who is good according to you and your family.

Jaldi Rishta Hone ki Dua

Doing the marriage for everyone is a compulsory thing, but getting a good partner is a rare case. But now in this world, no one is good or right in his or her life but if you are that person who wants to marry that one who is good with having good habits. Then maybe our brothers and sisters you are wrong because no one is perfect in this world.

We are not angels (farishta) who are perfect because only they are perfect. The Almighty Allah knows everything about us, and he knows that which boy or a girl is good for you. So, if you are that boy or girl who is looking for a good marriage proposal, then you can also find that one. Because brothers and sisters, you can change everything and you can also get that thing which you are dreaming.

jaldi shadi karne ki dua wazifa amal

You can get with the help of Dua as well as wazifa. So, if you want to know the jaldi rishta hone ki Dua or jaldi rishta aane ka wazifa then stay here.

Jaldi Rishta Aane ki Dua

There are various duas available in the Quran but here we will provide you the step by step procedure. If you follow this procedure then we are 100% sure that, you will get a good rishta (marriage proposal).

Here is the complete procedure of these duas and wazifa, and you have to perform this one by one.

Always pray 5 times salah in a day and you have to perform this wazifa after the Fajar namaz and in the Magrib Namaz.
Here in that, you have to recite all these duas 3 times:
“Qulhuu Walla Hu Ahadd,

Allah Hussamadd,

Lamyalidd Waa Lamyuladd,

Waa Lamyakullahuu Qufuwann Ahadd”

“Qull Auuzuu Birabill Falak,

Minn Sharriimaa Khalak,

Waa min Sharri Gasikin Izaawakab,

Waa min Sharri Nafasati Kufuwan Ahad”

“Qull Auuzuu Birrabinnassi,

Malikin Nassi,


Minn sharrill waswasill khanasii,

Allahzii Yu waswisuu fiisudurinnasii,

Minal Jinnatii Wannass”

You just have to recite all these dua one by one and in three times.
This is the procedure which the Prophet Mohammad SAW tells us.
And after that, make the dua and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will give you good rishta (marriage proposal).
After that put your complete trust on the Almighty Allah and very soon, you will get good marriage proposal. You will get that partner which you are looking for and the Almighty Allah will give that person who is good for you as well as for your family. And then you both will live happily and you both will never face any difficulty in your life. In Sha Allah.

Dua for Exam Success

Best Dua for Good Result in Exam

Wazifa for good result in exam: Are you that student who wants to score the highest marks in your class or in your exams? You study hard and in exams, you didn’t score good marks. Maybe this is the fault of you or an examiner.

Don’t worry. If you are good in study and the hard worker then we’ll provide you the most powerful wazifa for a good result in the exam. This is the most powerful as well as the best wazifa that will definitely help students.

It doesn’t matter that only the students should follow or perform this powerful wazifa for good result in exam. Father, mother, brother, sister or any family member of the student can follow or perform this wazifa.

There are also lots of fathers and mothers who always think that his/her children will get success in their exam but they don’t achieve any type of success in their exam. Maybe because of the mind of their children works slowly or maybe their children don’t want to do study hard.

Now let us know the most powerful and 100% working wazifa for good result in exams. If you will perform this wazifa in the right way, then you will get the benefit from it.

Best wazifa for good results in examination

Everyone wants to get success in his or her life and they become successful when they scored good marks. It’s not possible for everyone to score good marks in examinations but it is not impossible for everyone.

If you are don’t study perfectly because you have low capturing power then you should solve this problem. You can solve every type of problem because you have lots of methods but here in this post, we’ll tell you the best wazifa for good results in examinations.

This is that type of wazifa for good result in exam will help you to achieve marks. It will also help you to get good marks and you will also clear all types of exams. It doesn’t matter how hard as well as strong that exam should be, you just clear all exams easily. If you are that person who wants to know this wazifa for best results then don’t go anywhere just stay here and follow our procedure step by step.

But before that if you need a prayer for exam success, then we have already written an article about this, then you can read that article. We have also written an article about dua for studying, then you can also read that article as well.

How to perform this strong wazifa for good result?

Here is the wazifa for a good result in the exam and we also tell you, how to perform such wazifa step-by-step:-

Put your complete trust on the Almighty Allah and don’t do wrong or bad things.
Respect your younger and elders.
Don’t say bad words from your mouth.
Always pray Salah and read Quran Paak daily.
Every morning, recite or read the Surah Yaseen.
Always go to sleep after Isha’s namaz and then wake up after 4 am and do study in the morning.
Go to the washroom and do the wudu and then go to read or pray the Fajar’s Namaz and then make the dua from the Almighty Allah.
In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you and you will get clear your exams and scored good marks.

Most powerful dua for love back will help you to bring

Most Powerful Muslim Dua for Love Back


Muslim mantra for love back

Muslimmantra for love back is used in that case when your lover has left you alone and now you wants to back your lover in your life again. This is the most powerful method to solve such type of your problem and with the help of this. You can get your lover back in your life, here you don’t have to follow or do big things in life. All the things should be performed under this muslim mantra for love back which is best thing to solve problems.

We are 100% sure that, you have heard that doing or performing tantra mantra is an illegal thing for all. But you are wrong, you can also solve your love problem, financial problems, family problems, money problem etc through this. So, brothers and sisters don’t think that, taking help from this method is an illegal thing and it’ll destroy someone. You just have to trust on the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, you can solve all your problem easily.

You don’t have to take help from others methods but if you want to take help from others methods/ways. Then, you can also take help from the dua for love back and the wazifa for love back. These methods are also most powerful and working methods and you can also solve your problems from that method.

Muslim dua for love back

There’re lots of couples who loves their partner/lover so much but they also face some difficulties in a relationship. These difficulties are maybe hard difficulties as well as the soft difficulties, hard difficulties are those which you cannot handle. Soft difficulties are those which you can handle easily and here soft difficulties doesn’t provide any damage to break relationship. But hard difficulties are those one which can also create some problems in your relationship and can also break relationship.

You’ve to beware of that difficulties but if something is going wrong in your relationship and your lover left you. Then at that time, you have to take help from the most powerful and working Muslim dua for love back. These methods are those methods from which you can easily get back your lover again in your life without problems. So, brothers and sisters if you want to create the love and the feelings of love in someone’s heart/mind. You just have to take help from this method which is a working method.

Muslim prayer to get love back

There are also various prayers from which you can also get the solutions of all your problems. It doesn’t matter that, how hard you are emerging in the problems but if you take help from the prayers. We are 100% sure that, you can easily solve all your problems as well as difficulties from the prayers.

If you want to take help from the Muslim mantra for love back, then you just have to call/WhatsApp us. Our experts are an experienced in that field and here you will also get 100% benefits or results from that. You can also solve such love back problem with the help of prayers and dua.

Here is the complete procedure of how to perform this prayer and dua.

First of all, don’t miss any prayer or Salah.
Wake up in the middle of the night and then go to washroom and take shower.
After that, do the wudu and pray the Tahajjud prayer and then recite Surah Fatiha.
In the next step make the dua from the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah creates again the feeling of love in the heart of someone.