Qurani Dua for Ex back in 2 days

Dua To Get Ex Back: Get Ex back by prayer If you don’t want to follow the black magic, then you can definitely pray to god about giving the love of your life back to you. The only secret lies in your belief and if you would believe in god, then he would definitely help you to get your love soon.

Do you want to bring your love back? If you have lost love then it’s very hard to get them back in life. You can just get herb for your Ex through prayer it’s a miracle to bring my love back again. Now, you can get your lost love back at instant speed.

Coping with a Break-Up. Give it some time. Do some self-reflection. Identify what you feel were the major problems in the relationship. Work on yourself in the meantime. Make some concrete changes now. Reach out when you feel like you’ve changed.

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back in 24 Hours

Everyone wants a true lover in his or her life. Love is considered to be the most beautiful feeling in the world. We all need a person who loves us truly for our qualities and not for wealth or looks. We all need a person that is worth being our life partner, a person that can support us in good time and in bad time. Love is a feeling which does not see any caste or religion.
Any person can fall in love with anyone, anytime, anywhere. If we start liking a person and then we should to spend more and more time with that person to know more about that person. This is where love starts between two persons.
But what if suddenly we lose our lover? If your lover leaves you for someone else, that is the most painful thing for anyone. It is very hard to bear such a pain and live without that person. For this, a person can take the help of wazifa to get your ex-lover back in 24 hours.

Get Your Ex By Wazifa

In order to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend back, a person should take the help of getting your ex boyfriend\girlfriend love back wazifa.
The procedure to perform the wazifa to get your ex-lover back in 24 hours-
First of all, make fresh wuzu.
This gets my ex-love back by wazifa should be performed in the night.
First of all, read Durood Shareef 5 times.
After that read Surah Fateha 9 times.
Then read this dua for getting ex-lover back –Yaa Allahu Yaa Rehman Ta Rahimu
Then again read Durood Shareef five times.
After that blow your breath on the picture of your lover. While blowing take the name of your lover three times.
Then make a prayer to Allah SWT with a clean heart.
Do this wazifa for 7 days.

Insha Allah, after performing this wazifa for getting ex-love to come back your love will come back in your life within no time and will never leave you ever.

Online Dua to get your ex-girlfriend/Wife back

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How to Perform Wazifa for Ex Back

Start with creating an ablution. Also, be sure to start this Wazifa on a Thursday to make it more effective.

Start by reciting of Durood e Ibrahimi 7 martaba
Recite Surah Yaseen until the 12th verse and then stop.
Once again recite Surah Yaseen from the start and up to third Mubeen.
On a white piece of paper, write down the name of your lover that you want to bring back and put it in front of you.
Now in the memory of Allah Tallah, recite this wazifa 435 times
“dalalimmubeen waquranummubeen aaduwwummubeen”
Take that piece of paper and put in underneath your pillow. Sleep with it for a month
You’re going to practice this for at least three weeks.
Menstruating women should wait until their periods are over.
Whatever be the reason, Islamic Wazifa for getting your love back should work-life magic. If you perform it with your heart and strong desire. most powerful dua for love back.

Islamic Dua To Get Lost Boyfriend/Husband Back

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Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back in 2 days is given below:

First of all, read SubhanAllah 36 times.
After that read this dua- “ Maagh Na Anhu Maaluhu Waa Maa Kasab”.
Read this dua 258 times.
After that make a circle of candles.
Then light all those candles and sit between those candles.
After that read Surah Nisa 25 times.
Then read Iman e Mufassal for 25 times.
Then read Iman e Mujammal for 5 times.
After that take the name of your loved one time.
Then blow off all the candles.
After that make a very strong prayer to Allah SWT.
Everything is in the hands of Allah SWT.
Perform this for 2 days.