Dolat Mand Banne Ka Wazifa


Are you searching for money because you are not earning lots of money? Is your business is not going upward and you are not earning money from that business? Are you facing any type of trouble in your business and your business is not giving you any money? You don’t have money and that’s why no one wants to talk with you even your family as well.

Do you want to earn lots of money and you want to grow your business legally? You can solve all these problems with the help of this article because here in this article. We will tell you the most powerful and working wazifa as well as dolatmand banne Ki dua. Nowadays in this world, everyone wants to earn money and spend his or her life as richest person. Everyone wants to make lots of money even he or she is rich or poor. He or she wants to get lots of money and with the help of that money.

He or she wants to solve all the problems or difficulties of himself or his or her family. You need money to buy from the little thing to the bigger and if you don’t have money you can’t buy a thing. If you don’t have money then it doesn’t mean that you will not take help from the Almighty Allah. The Almighty Allah had given his permission to everyone whom he or she wants.

Dolatmand banne ka Islamic Amal

If you want to earn lots of money then you can perform the dolatmand banne ka islamic amal. If you will perform this most popular and working dolatmand banne ka islamic amal in the right way. Then after the few days, you’ll see the benefit as well as the results from dolatmand banne ka islamic amal.

The Almighty Allah will solve all your problems and give you the loss of money and make you rich. The Almighty Allah think about the whole universe even from the ant to the human beings. And he told that if you need the help from me then only ask that help and trust me. I know everything about you that is what are you doing and what you need in your life. And if you ask anything from me then I will give you everything and everything is possible for me. Because the almighty Allah Subhanallah is the creator of this universe and he knows everything.

With the help of this dolatmand banne ka Islamic amal, you will see the Barkat in your money. You will also see the Barkat in your business as well as in your family business.

Dolatmand banne ka wazifa in Islam

If you want to make a big home and it is your dream home but without money. You don’t make that home in reality then at that time my brothers and sisters. Don’t lose hope and if you want to live the luxury life and wants to wear branded clothes. Then at that time, you have to concentrate on your work and doing your work hard and smartly. You can also take the help from the dolatmand banne ka wazifa in Islam.

The Almighty Allah told us this dolatmand banne ka wazifa in Islam is in the holy book Quran. You can also take the help from the Maulvi Sahib if you will not find anything. But before performing that dolatmand banne ka wazifa in Islam.

You just have to offer or pray the 5 times Salah continuously without any break. You also have to do the good things in your life you just have to respect your elders and Youngers.

Here is the complete procedure of how to perform this Dolatmand banne ka wazifa in Islam:

You have to perform this Dolatmand banne ka wazifa in the Maghrib namaz of Juma.
Make the perfect wudu that our Almighty Allah told us and according to Sunnah.
When you complete your Maghrib Namaz then after that you have to recite this Dua 11 times.
“Summa anzalaa alaikumm min baa dil gammi amanatannu aasai

yaghshaaa taa ifatamm minkum waa taaifatunn

qadd ahammathuumm anfusuhumm yazunnoonaa billaahi ghairall

haqqi zannall jaahiliyyatii yaquluna hal lanaa minal

amrii minn shaii qul innal amraa kullahu lillaahh

yukhfoonaa fi anfusihimm ma la yubdoonaa lakaa yaquloona lao

kaanaa lanaa nominall amrii shai ummaa qutilnaa haahunaa

qul laww kuntumm fi buyootikum labarazall

lazeenaa kutibaa alaihimull qatluu ilaa madaajii ihimm

waa liyabtaliyall laahuu ma fi sudoorikumm waa liyumahh hisaa maa fi quloobikumm

wallaahuu aleemumm bizaatisssudoorr”

After completing this thing now you will have to read or recite the durood Sharif and then make the Dua. In Sha Allah, after that, the Almighty Allah will give you lots of money and make you rich. You spend your life in that way which you are dreaming for. Aameen