Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart


Is your husband doesn’t listen to you and he is always busy with someone else and doesn’t love you? Every time he is ignoring you and spend his time with other woman which you don’t like that. Now you are looking for the best Islamic dua to make husband obedient and this dua will definitely help you. So, brothers and sisters if you are looking for the best Islamic dua to make husband obedient then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, we will provide you the most powerful and the best dua to make husband obedient. If you will recite or chanting this dua, we are 100% sure that you will get the benefits from that. After that, your husband will truly love you and he doesn’t spend his time with other woman or someone else. Your husband spend his time with you and then he respects you and gives all the happiness to you.

Working dua to make husband obey you

We’ve seen lots of quarries about that “our husband has a relationship with other woman and he doesn’t like us”. “We are not happy with our husband because he is bad, everyday he drinks a lot and then beat us”. Our husband doesn’t like us etc. Now we understand that, some of the wives are not happy with their husbands. Can you tell us why your husband is doing this? Why he has affairs to someone else? Why?

If you know the answer then it’s good but if you do not know the answer then ask yourself. You have to ask yourself that why you are having such problems, If you don’t know the problems. Then don’t worry brothers and sisters you have to ask your husband that why my hubby you are doing this? And we are sure that, your husband will tell you everything but if he doesn’t want to share the problems.

Then this is not your problem, your husband is facing the problem and now you have to remove such habit. You don’t have to talk to your husband, you have to take help from dua to make husband obey you.

Dua for husband should listen to his wife

If you’ll open any dua’s books then in that, you’ll see lots of duas and all these duas are working. At that, you only have to choose the good one dua and you’ve to choose a good dua from QURAAN. Now if you are afraid how to search for this dua then don’t worry brothers and sisters, we are here. You don’t have to take any types of tension because we’ll provide you a dua to make husband obey you.

Here is the dua to make husband obedient and we also tell you how to recite or chanting this dua.

You only have to follow these simple steps and In Sha Allah, you’ll get the solution as soon as possible.
In the first step, always pray Salah or Namaz daily.
In the second step, after every Salah or namaz, recite this dua in the Dua.
“la Qadd Jaaaaa Aakumm Rasoolumminn Anfuseekumm Azizunn Alaihee Maa Anittumm Hareesunnn Alaikummm Bilmumeeninaaa Rau-ufurraheemmm“
In the third step, read a Surah yaseen daily in the morning and then make a dual for your husband.
In the fourth step, put your trust on the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, he will make your husband obedient and listen to you.
After that, you both will live a happy marriage life and In Sha Allah, you will get a good family.